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Tell your senators: Vote NO on Trump’s cabinet nominees

Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees will be immensely harmful to the principles we marched for, and will block the progress we will try to make together.

All that’s standing between them and their cabinet positions is the U.S. Senate -- and they work for you. So call your senators now and tell them to vote NO on Trump’s cabinet nominees in the coming hearings.

Enter your zipcode below and get the phone numbers for both of your senators. State your name, your zip code, and urge your senator to vote NO on Trump’s cabinet nominees in upcoming hearings:

Enter your zip code to find your senators:

Chuck Schumer

Some address
Washington DC 20510

Chuck Schumer

Some address
Washington DC 20510

Here's what to say to the senate staffer who picks up:

Hi, my name is [Your Name] from [your city]. I’m one of the millions of people who marched on January 21 around the world for Women’s Rights, Human Rights and Justice.

I’m very concerned about many of the nominees for White House cabinet. I'm asking the Senator to vote against Donald Trump's nominees for Secretary of State, EPA Administrator, Attorney General and Secretary of Education.

If you want to learn more about Trump's nominees, we've compiled some facts about them here. 

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We work peacefully while recognizing there is no true peace without justice and equity for all.