Women's March Global

Women’s March Global invites individuals and organizations committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion and those who understand women’s rights as human rights to join our local coalitions of marchers in representing the rights and voices of progressive people around the world.

As concerned citizens standing up for human rights, Women’s March Global immediately seeks to increase the number of coalitions participating in the upcoming global marches, while continuing to organize future campaigns. Women’s March Global is building and empowering a persistent global network that will organize future campaigns and actions in support of progressive values including women’s rights.

Women’s March Global is a proactive international movement, not a U.S. election-specific protest per se, which has galvanized people to defend women's rights and those of others in response to the rising rhetoric of far-right populism around the world.

Post-March: 10 Global Actions

Since the Marches around the world on 1/21, many of you have shared success stories and anecdotes that have inspired us and moved us to tears. Now, the challenge and opportunity in front of us all is how we take the Women’s March and turn it into an ongoing movement. We need to channel this energy and keep it growing as we prepare for a very long fight for women’s health, economic security, representation, safety (H.E.R.S.), and many of the other important related values we all hold dear such as environmental justice. This is our movement and its power comes from its creative grassroots energy and commitment. We can’t stop and we won’t stop.

You’ve made it clear to us through your feedback that you are all in this for the long haul, so we are excited to announce the first two of ten collective global actions we will be taking together. Note that some of these actions will be parallel efforts to the 10 Actions in 100 Days that the U.S. will be implementing.

Global Action #3: "Hear Our Voice" Virtual Town Hall

As the third action in our 100 Days campaign, we will collectively generate a wave of thousands of grassroots-led protests, actions, and meetings directly engaging our political representatives in our cities and countries. These communications on local issues under the HERS organizing framework will take place in person, via social media, phone call, e-mail or personal letter. We would like to know what issues are most relevant at this time in your city or country.

Join our Social Media Accounts to access the virtual week-long Town Hall

Through online engagement we'll share a wave of thousands of grassroots-led protests, actions, and meetings directly engaging our communities and our own political representatives.

You’ll hear directly from our Global Coordinators and other Global Organizers as well as the US National Team throughout the week via social media and we’ll share our perspectives collectively about how we can take local action to stand up and fight for equality, diversity, inclusion and climate action.




Global Action #2: Organize a "Next Up Huddle"

(suggested implementation February 1st to 10th)

Here are the goals that we envision for each of these neighborhood-based Huddles:

  •     To get to know each other and build a community of support for action in your area.
  •     To envision what it will take to mobilize our community to win back the country and world we want.
  •     To define a set of actions and strategies that our group will pursue in the coming weeks and months.

Please review this overview for more info about the Huddle & this toolkit for host guidelines, a proposed agenda, tips for future actions, and other important resources for hosting a successful Huddle.

The success of this movement depends on building powerful bonds within our communities and empowering a network of neighborhoods across the world to act collectively to resist social injustice.

Strengthen our movement by committing to host or attend a Huddle in your community.

Global Action #1: Contact Your Elected Officials

(suggested implementation January 22nd to 31st)

Follow up on your successful March by writing an email/letter, sending a postcard, or calling your local or national representatives to share your concerns and let your voice be heard. Consider sending them a picture of you at the March!

For specific ideas and some pre-designed templates, take a look at the easy steps London's March Organizers put together here.

We are excited to announce that we have global Sister Marches across all 7 continents!

Want to figure out which march comes first? Or which countries will be marching at the same time as you? Take a look at our "Find a March Time" Tool. Note that marchers based in the continental U.S. can utilize the columns labeled U.S. EST, U.S. CST, U.S. MST, U.S. PST.

NOTE FROM THE Women's March Global team on the U.S. Strike (updated 2/15/17)
Women’s March Global supports our global sisters and sisters in the USA in their grassroots organizing of events that promote our key values of equality, diversity and inclusion, with a cross-cutting focus on climate. The USA Women’s March organizers are calling for a strike in the US on March 8th, 2017. We, as Women's March Global, acknowledge the financial impact that women have on our economies both in the workforce and through buying power, but we will not be coordinating a global strike at this time. To highlight March 8, known around the world as International Women's Day, Women’s March Global will be celebrating a week of action from March 6th-11th by supporting the events and activities of our local coalitions around the world. We honor the autonomy of our global sisters in organizing their own events and initiatives.
Women's March Global wants to hear about your priorities and ideas for building our movement. We are ready to listen, to collaborate, to amplify, and move forward! Please share your ideas with the community in response to the message we posted on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/womensmarchglobal
To stay involved, check out our current actions above.

NOTE FROM THE Women's March Global team on Joining the Sister Marches (updated 1/19):
We have had a lot of last-minute requests for Marches across the world to be formally affiliated as “sister marches” by being listed on the Sister March website (click Find Your March above). We are working through these and getting them added as fast as possible. Note that we will be halting our processing of additions at midnight EST on 1/19 in order to concentrate on supporting the Marches themselves. We may be able to retroactively add your March to this site, so please check back here for updates after 1/21 if you don’t see it go up before then.
(1) If you don’t see your march listed on the website and you already created an Action Network page, please email [email protected]
(2) If you would like to have your march listed here, please fill out these forms
*The address you input MUST be a physical address that can be searched for and found in Google Maps. In other words, check that the exact address you’re entering in the form points to the correct march location on Google maps.
**We will create an “Action Network” website for your event using this information, for which you will be the Administrator. If you already have a Facebook group or Eventbrite set up for your event and would prefer not to create a new website, then please simply insert that Facebook or Eventbrite link in the last question of the first form. 
***Once you have filled out this form, you do not need to email us. We will attempt to process your request as soon as possible, but we are supporting 150+ global marches, in addition to the 300+ domestic marches, so please expect delays.
(3) If you would also like to link your Facebook event to the Sister Marches (SM) Facebook page, please send a message with the URL to the SM page

Women’s March Global is the global movement associated with the Women’s March on Washington. 

You can follow Women's March Global on twitter at @WM_Global, 

on Facebook at facebook.com/WomensMarchGlobal, 

and on Instagram at @WomensMarchGlobal and by following the hashtag #WomensMarchGlobal


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