IT IS TIME for an uprising to protect abortion rights. IT IS TIME for our feminist future. IT IS TIME for a Summer of Rage.

We are demanding President Biden take executive action now to protect abortion. Sign our petition.

Fuck the Fourth. This independence day we won't be in the streets wearing red, white, and blue we'll be rocking GREEN and protesting at our local courthouses. Because if we don't have the most basic autonomy and freedom then #FuckTheFourth

If that's not how you get down, post a video about what freedom and independence means to you. Wear green for abortion rights. 💚

JULY 9th. Join us in D.C. for direct action. Participants and volunteers must be able to attend a training on the evening of July 8th plus the action on July 9th.


Summer of Rage Online Action Hub

Write a letter. Send an email. Make a call. 

These are all things you can do right here to fight for abortion justice. Then you can do them again. And again. And. Again.

We’re raging online this summer to fight for abortion rights and demand abortion protections. 

Our goals

  • Flood digital spaces with letters to editors of online publications across the country with our message - WE WON’T GO BACK.

  • Fill the inboxes and call logs of our elected officials with our demands - FEDERAL AND STATE PROTECTION OF ABORTION RIGHTS.

  • Complete 100,000 online actions before the Women’s Convention in August.

Our Summer of Rage online actions are easy, impactful, and repeatable - you can submit lots of letters to the editors of local, regional, and national publications; send tons of emails to elected officials; and log multiple calls to their offices. 

Check the Summer of Rage Online Action Hub for new actions every week. Share the links for online actions with others. We will be seen and we will be heard everywhere - from the streets, to the state houses, to the White House. 


Submit a pre-written letter to the editors of local, regional, and national online publications calling on President Biden to declare a national health emergency to protect abortion rights.



Meet us in Houston, Texas this Aug 12th - 14th where women and allies will gather to engage on issues of civic engagement accelerated by pop culture.