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In 2022 we’re harnessing the power and raising the voices of everyday women.

Our Women2Women Circles are led by individual volunteer leaders who recruit five or more friends and family to engage with other women in their own communities. We're working to foster connection and courage through action both on and offline. Starting a Circle is a great way to do that!

Check out the map below to find a Women2Women Circle in your community or start your own. You can also search for in-person and virtual events.

What Our Circles Are Working On

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The way a society spends its resources is a reflection of that society’s values. As Martin Luther King Jr. and many others have said, ‘budgets are moral documents.’ Over the summer of 2021 Circle leaders started exploring and learning about local and county budgets so that we can begin and/or support organizing to re-shape local budgets into Feminist Budgets. Together we are working to build collaborative campaigns to shift our local budgets to align with our shared values.

Our Cycle

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This work is broken into phases, starting with Phase 1: Discovery. We're researching and uncovering where the money is going now and who are the decision-makers behind it? Phase 2: Share. We're sharing our findings in an accessible and compelling way. Phase 3: Reflect, Plan & Act. In 2022 we're creating budgets that reflect our values and local conditions.

This project is one way that Women’s Marchers across race and place can come together to contribute to, collaborate on, and take appropriate leadership in local and national movements for racial, economic, and gender justice. We are in this together! 

Working Agreements