Women's Convention

2022 August 12-14 | Houston, TX

A conference of 1700 women and allies from every state – who shared values, experience, and culture – gathered to help heal the wounds from the pandemic, economic depression, and a history of racism in order to build a nation that works for all of us.

Attendees are taking their skills back to their communities to fight for progress at the local level. Click below to view our virtual scrapbook. ⬇️ ⬇️


We will come together again to grieve, rage, find joy and comfort in community, and strategize the fight for our feminist future. Follow @womensmarch for updates.

We know that change doesn’t start from the top down. It starts with us, in the streets. It starts with everyday women, feminists, and allies who won’t wait for action. We take it ourselves. WE show up for US. Donate Today.