Women's march from #NRA2DOJ
Frequently Asked Questions



What is the Women’s March from #NRA2DOJ?

On July 14th and 15th, Women’s March and partners will mobilize a mass demonstration, again grounded in the principles of Kingian nonviolence, to denounce the false and intimidating rhetoric of the NRA and send a clear message that our movement will proudly and bravely continue to strive for the respect of the civil and human rights of all people.

Why are we marching from the NRA to the DOJ?

When many of us called on the NRA to take action in response to the Philando Castile trial verdict — in line with their stated mission and purpose — the response was not only silence but the resurfacing of an NRA ad featuring right wing propagandists and deeply divisive, “us versus them” language, appearing to be a direct endorsement of violence against women, our families and our communities for exercising our constitutional right to protest. In response, Women’s March co-president Tamika Mallory penned an open letter to the NRA calling for the ad to be removed and an apology to be issued to the American public for the false and inflammatory rhetoric. Instead of distancing themselves from the vitriol, the NRA responded by releasing a new video attacking Tamika and other leaders personally and doubling down on the implied call to arms. This is the kind of incendiary speech that leads to acts of hate and violence, and it is unequivocally meant to create a chilling effect on communities speaking up and using the power of our collective voice.

What are our demands?

Women’s March is calling on the NRA to do three things:

  1. Immediately remove the recent irresponsible and dangerous propaganda videos narrated by conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch.

  2. Issue an apology to the American people for the video you sponsored, which bears your name and logo, as it suggests armed violence against communities of color, progressives and anyone who does not agree with this Administration's policies.

  3. Make a statement to defend Philando Castile's Second Amendment right to own a firearm and demand the Department of Justice indict the police officer who killed him for exercising his Second Amendment right and his privilege as a licensed concealed carry permit holder. This call is clearly in line with the mission and purpose of the NRA as an organization that purports to be the lobby and defender of the right to bear arms.

Where will it take place?

On Friday, July 14th we will gather at 9:00am at the NRA headquarters - 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030. The rally will begin at 10:00 am. Marchers will step off at 12:00 pm, heading towards D.C. along the established route with police escort. For security, the details of the route will not be made public.

Marchers will walk approximately 18 miles, then break for the evening. Dinner will be the responsibility of each individual. Those who wish to may join in an overnight ‘sleep-in’ demonstration at an indoor location. More information about what to bring if you wish to camp will be released in the coming days.

On Saturday, July 15th, marchers and supporters will gather for a rally in front of the U.S. Department of Justice at 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW at 10:00 am.

How long is it?

The total length of the march is approximately 18 miles. Marchers will depart from Fairfax, Virginia around noon on Friday, July 14th and will make frequent stops for hydration, restroom breaks and access to food and power for marchers with disabilities. For seniors, marchers with disabilities and people who need rest, an accessible bus will follow the path of the march. We expect to arrive at the U.S. Department of Justice around 7pm the same day. Those who wish to may join in demonstrating overnight by camping as a group. On Saturday, July 15th, there will be a rally in front of the Department of Justice beginning at 10:00 am.

What should I bring if I plan to march?

  • Comfortable shoes that you know you can walk several miles in. You may also consider purchasing dry-wicking or compression socks that are made for long-distance runners, as cotton and wool socks will become hot and damp.

  • Any kind of braces or support garments you may need for your knees, ankles, etc. You may also consider preventing blisters with moleskin, tape, vaseline or other blister protection.

  • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Be mindful that it may be quite hot and you may wish to remove layers.

  • A fanny pack or small, lightweight backpack to carry personal items.

  • Sun protection such as sunscreen, hats or umbrellas. If you plan to march, consider whether carrying an umbrella may become burdensome.  

  • Any medication you require or anticipate needing. If your medicine needs refrigeration please let us know by filling out the RSVP form and requesting an accommodation.

  • Portable charger for your phone.

  • We will provide water and snacks. Please bring your preference for sports hydration or snacks if you have dietary restrictions.

What should I bring if I plan to stay overnight with the marchers?

If you plan to join in the ‘sleep-in’ demonstration on Friday night, please be sure you have filled out the RSVP form to let us know. The sleep-in will occur indoors at a location that will not be released to the public. Please bring a sleeping bag or blanket and a pillow - clearly labeled with your name - to the beginning of the route at NRA headquarters and organizers will transport it to the final destination. If you will not meet us at the beginning of the route, please email [email protected]. For security reasons, we cannot accommodate individuals wishing to join the sleep-in late or without registering.

Please note that tents are not necessary because of the indoor location and hammocks cannot be accommodated. Please bringing a pillow and a sleeping bag or blanket only, camping pads are acceptable but please do not bring mattresses requiring electric inflation.

Will the march or rallies be ADA accessible?

The rallies in Fairfax, VA (Friday) and in Washington, D.C. (Saturday) will have amplified sound and American Sign Language Interpretation. Our permits do not allow us to set up seating, so please bring portable seating devices or mobility devices. During the march and rallies we will provide water and snacks and an accessible bus will follow us from Fairfax to Washington for those who need to ride all or part of the route to participate. Please remember that during the march the weather will be hot without much shade, it will be a very long walk with first-come-first-serve space on the accessible bus, and stops for restrooms, hydration, food and access to power may be several a few miles apart. Everyone should plan accordingly for their support needs to participate in the march.

For those sleeping over at the camp out location, ADA accessible portable restrooms will be provided. People should bring their own sleeping bags and tents. This location will be in an urban area close to food and coffee shops with access to power. If you have any overnight reasonable accommodation request for disability please let us know on the RSVP form.

The Friday rally and march start point in Fairfax, VA has been chosen for its significance to our message, public transportation is available but requires a long trip from Washington, D.C., approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes on MetroRail (Orange line to Vienna GMU station) and transferring to Metro Bus (1B or 2B).  You may want to consider arranging for other transportation options as well

The Saturday rally will be located at the Department of Justice located at 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.  It is accessible by both the Federal Triangle (Blue, Silver Orange lines) or Navy Archives (Green, Yellow lines) MetroRail stops.

Is there any concern for safety and security?

Women’s March is working with all relevant police entities and will follow every security protocol expected for a demonstration of this nature. We are planning a peaceful mobilization rooted in the principles of Kingian nonviolence. It is possible that there will be protestors or counter-protesters exercising their right in the state of Virginia to openly carry a firearm. Please be advised that your participation should be based on your personal judgement and individual comfort with this reality.

How do I register? Does it cost anything?

There is no fee for joining the march and all are welcome. Necessities like water and snacks will be provided by the generosity of our donors. Please REGISTER HERE to provide us an accurate headcount.

What if I cannot complete the entire 18 mile route?

Organizers recognize that this march requires a level of physical health and fitness due to the length as well as the heat of summertime. Please use your best judgement and do not attempt the march if you have concerns about your physical wellness. For those who choose to march but find themselves unable to finish, there are places identified along the route as exit points, where Metro stations or bus hubs are nearby. Medical personnel will accompany the route in case of emergency.

How can I support the Women’s March from #NRA2DOJ?

We can’t do it without you. Help us raise the funds necessary to support the marchers each step of the way. Your contribution goes towards water, food, security and other logistics to ensure an effective mobilization. You can donate directly to Women’s March HERE. You can also purchase a commemorative t-shirt. All proceeds from t-shirt sales benefit Women’s March.

Where can I park at the NRA on Friday? Where is the closest subway station to the NRA?

The NRA headquarters are located at 11250 Waples Mill Rd, Fairfax, VA.  If you plan to march, we do not advise that you drive to the NRA headquarters, as the endpoint of the march is 18 miles away in Washington, D.C. For those who are attending the rally only and wish to drive, there is street parking available across from and nearby the NRA building. Please note parking capacity is limited.

The closest Metro station is Vienna/Fairfax-GMU (Orange line), approximately 5 miles away. You may choose to take a taxi from the Metro station or connect with other attendees to pool a ride, it is an estimated 15 minutes by car. The 2B and Gold 2 buses take about 40 minutes.  

Where can I park at the DOJ on Saturday? Where is the closest subway station to the DOJ?

We will rally at the main building for the U.S. Department of Justice, located at 950 Pennsylvania Ave NW. The closest Metro station is Federal Triangle (Blue/Yellow lines). There is little street parking available and it will be metered; there are paid parking garages in the nearby area.

I am coming from out of town, is there transportation to the D.C. area available?

The Women’s March is not offering official transportation but there are many groups and individuals coordinating buses, vans and carpools. If you would like to look for connections, please visit the message board here.

Is there a color theme? Are there suggested slogans?

There is no specific color theme for the Women’s March from #NRA2DOJ, but the color orange was established in the urban gun violence prevention community and has since become associated with the gun violence prevention movement more broadly.

There are no suggested slogans, although you may visit the Women’s March Instagram for inspiration. People who plan to march should consider whether any signage will become burdensome to carry.

Are there sister marches? How can I participate if I’m not in the area?

There are a variety of solidarity actions happening across the nation. Please visit this page to find one in your area.

You can also support the marchers from afar by spreading the word on social media and having discussions in your community, with your friends and with your family.