Cindi Schorr

Field Organizer


Cindi is a mama, grandmother, organizer, and native Texan living in Houston. Like many of us, she was mobilized into action with the election of Donald Trump, and she marched for the first time with Women’s March in 2017.

She served on a US Senate campaign in the 2018 midterms and a Presidential primary campaign in 2020 as an organizer, field manager, and barnstormer, leading organizing rallies and mobilizing thousands of volunteers across the country. In between election cycles, she coordinated community engagement events for the Harris County Judge’s Office in Texas. 

Before organizing, Cindi was trained in clinical and counseling psychotherapy, and was Vice President of Business Development for a WBE-certified woman-owned business. Cindi volunteers in her community for gun violence prevention, migrant and racial justice, and her grandson’s elementary school.

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