Leslie Templeton

Leslie is a 22 year old disabled activist who has focused on disability, healthcare, and drug policy in the US and internationally. She has been a youth organizer for the Women’s March Disability Caucus. In 2017, Leslie created a housing program in response to Trump’s Muslim ban, when college students from the countries impacted by the policy were afraid to exit the country due to the possibility they would not be allowed back into the United States. Students impacted by the ban would sign-up and be paired with a family willing to host them over breaks instead of having them stay on campuses with few people around and limited dining hours over break. She believed this was critical for the mental wellbeing of these individuals. Leslie has worked on Senate, Congressional, state, and local campaigns as a strategist and policy advisor. She has been a speaker on panels focused on topics like mental health, disability and higher education, healthcare, and more. She has also served on the board of directors of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, a large international nonprofit focused on the war on drugs run by students across the world. As a young person, Leslie has encouraged other young people to get involved in politics and activism and emphasizing that just because someone is young, doesn’t mean they aren’t qualified for higher up positions.

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