Sarah Eagle Heart

Sarah Eagle Heart is an Emmy award winning social justice storyteller. Her deep perspective is rooted in her life story as an Oglala Lakota activist raised on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. She is also an internationally accomplished executive with a diverse background in tribal, corporate, and non-profit organizations. Ms. Eagle Heart is currently Co-CEO of Return to the Heart Foundation, an Indigenous women led organization focused on resourcing innovative Indigenous women led initiatives in the ecosystems of narrative change, healing, climate justice, civic engagement, restorative and regenerative development. 

As an Emmy winning social justice storyteller, she enjoys utilizing innovative approaches and partnerships to amplify stories from grassroots communities, artists and movement leaders. Ms. Eagle Heart's project with Baobab Studios and John Legend won her a 2019 Emmy for Outstanding Interactive Media for "Crow: the Legend" as a Consultant Producer. She is currently executive producing a documentary film and a docu series with Mark Ruffalo.

Ms. Eagle Heart’s writing was recently featured in the feminist anthology, “This Is How We Come Back Stronger” released by Feminist Press in the UK and US in April 2021. She also wrote a self-help/memoir on healing, leadership and advocacy with her identical twin sister/psychotherapist, Emma Eagle Heart - White to be published in June 2022 by Feminist Press. You can follow her on social media at @ms_eagleheart.

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