Suhayl Santana

Chief of Staff


Suhayl is a proud Bronx, NY native and East Harlem resident who identifies as Afro-Puerto Rican. She brings to the Women's March a decade's worth of experience in and dedication to creating powerful moments for change-makers while elevating the mission-driven values of the organizations she works with.  Suhayl is also a leadership coach. As a coach, she supports Black, Indigenous, Women of Color leaders in creating impact in their organizations and communities. Her goal is to help others become the revolutionary leaders the world needs while sticking to their identity-centered values. As a passionate racial justice advocate, anti-racist values are central to her organizing and leadership work.

We know that change doesn’t start from the top down. It starts with us, in the streets. It starts with everyday women, feminists, and allies who won’t wait for action. We take it ourselves. WE show up for US. Donate Today.