Our Mission and Values guide every aspect of our work. 


Women’s March Network transforms everyday women into feminists.


Women’s March is building a base of feminists to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression. By 2050, we will be a feminist-led movement that ensures anyone and everyone has the freedom to lead empowered lives in safety and security in their bodies, in their communities, and throughout the country.

  • Promoting Feminist Economies

    We seek an economic system that values the rights and contributions of all, and that supports safety and dignity for everyone. These feminist values prioritize stewardship and caregiving, and the just distribution of collective resources. 

    We're taking on the Billionaire Boys Club, and fighting for a wealth tax to begin reversing the grotesque hoarding of wealth that should be used to fund solutions. We're working with Women's Marchers all around the country to envision what feminist budgets might look like in different local communities, and to translate those visions into concrete policy wins. And we're fighting for concrete measures like student debt abolition, paid parental leave, and an increased minimum wage that will bring us closer to a democratic economy that supports all women.  

  • Reimagining Democracy

    We need a democracy that works for all, in which everyone can participate fully. The opponents of multi-racial democracy have shown they are willing to use any means, from partisan gerrymandering and racist voter suppression to insurrectionary violence to promote minority rule. We will continue to work with great urgency to counteract these authoritarian power grabs, which threaten fundamental rights and freedoms, including our power to control our own bodies.  

    Even as we fight to end the filibuster, defend voting rights and reproductive freedom, and promote equal rights for all, we are working to rethink democracy from the ground up, exploring visions for what a government and political system rooted in feminist values might be. To us, reimagining democracy also means modeling and practicing just and right relationships with our partners and within movement spaces.

  • Ending White Supremacy

    To build a multi-racial feminist future rooted in values of justice, we must reduce the death grip that white supremacy has on hundreds of millions of people, including many white women. We also know that white supremacist ideology is fueled by patriarchy and misogyny, whether its agendas of reproductive control or open celebration of extreme violence against women. Women's Marchers are taking this work on directly in their communities, guided by women of color leadership and supported through trainings, resources, and political education. 

    We've been mobilizing Women's Marchers to fight disinformation online through our innovative, data-driven Digital Defenders program. We are working to reach out one-on-one to individuals who are susceptible to, or immersed in, the extreme-right disinformation underlying the spread of white supremacist ideology.

our history

January 2017
Women's March on Washington
October 2017
Women's Convention / Detroit
March 2018
Youth Empower Enough National School Walkout
June 2018
End Family Detention Mass Action
September 2018
January 2019
Women's March on Washington / Women's Wave / Women's Agenda
October 2019
Digital Defenders
October 2019
Reclaim the Court
January 2020
Women’s March on Washington Women Rising + Week of Action
August 2020
Feminist Organizing School
Fall + Winter 2020
Get Out the Vote
September 2020
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Vigils
October 2020
Count On Us March + Mass Text Bank
February 2021
Defund Cruz
May 2021
Wellness Wednesday IGTV
June 2021
United Visions Project
October 2021
Rally for Abortion Justice
December 2021
Holding the Line for Abortion Justice
Jan 21, 2022
Women's March is Five!
May 2022
Bans Off Our Bodies
June 2022
Decision Day Rallies
June 2022
Banner Drop: Biden Protect Abortion
July 2022
Ungovernable: Rage at the White House
August 2022
The Women's Convention
October 8, 2022
Women's Wave 2022 Women's March
January 2023
Bigger Than Roe — Women's March 2023
February 2023
Bigger Than Roe — Amarillo Texas
March 2023
Bigger Than Roe – Back to Amarillo Texas
June 24, 2023
Dobbs Anniversary March — D.C. & Nationwide
Summer 2023
Loud Girl Summer 2023
Oct 20-22, 2023
Women's Convention — Milwaukee WI
January 2024
Bigger Than Roe Marches
March 2024
Bans Off Our Mife
April 2024
SCOTUS Week of Action
June 24, 2024
We Won't Go Back - 2nd Anniversary of Overturning Roe v Wade
The time is now