Feminist Night School

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With so much happening around us, it can be easy to get lost in the slew of information, crises, and threats. Often we find ourselves unsure where to put our attention, and of what sources we can rely on to help us understand the issues in the news.

Because we know how overwhelming it can all be, the team at Women’s March hosted three sessions of Feminist Night School in the spring of 2024.

Late to class? No problem. We've linked recordings below.

The State of Protest

Watch a video from our May 15th class to learn about the ongoing attacks on our right to protest, and hear from folks who are on the front lines of both exercising and defending this human right. Get skills to break down the common narratives that are used to vilify and justify criminalization of protestors. You’ll finish with positive values-based messages you can use to help combat the misinformation and division that you see being spread online and in our communities.


The State of Justice

In the second session of Feminist Night School, we’re taking a look at our court system, sharing both updates on what is actually happening at the Supreme Court, as well as taking a look behind the curtain to understand why it is happening. Why is it taking so long for SCOTUS to issue their opinion in the presidential immunity case? Has SCOTUS become so compromised that we can no longer trust in this institution? How are these attacks on reproductive rights getting all the way up to SCOTUS so quickly? Who is behind them? What are the conditions that enable them to fast-track these cases? And what can we do about it?


The State of Democracy

What is fascism and who are the feminists on the frontlines of this fight to defend democracy? That’s what we’ll be diving into during our third and final session of Feminist Night School.