In Show of Force, Women Rally at Women’s March #CountOnUs Marches Around the Country

Washington, DC -- Today, women showed yet again why they’re the driving force in American politics, coming together for 438 marches across all 50 states, including a march in Washington, D.C. with more than 10,000 people in attendance.

“Today, women came together across the country to mobilize the women’s vote, and send a clear message that we will do whatever it takes to fight back, win this election, and defend our democracy,” said Rachel O’Leary Carmona, Women’s March’s Executive Director. “This moment demands a show of force from women, and our people are showing up and delivering the people power of everyday women. Today was a huge success for the women’s movement, and for women everywhere. We harnessed the power of our large and diverse base to reach and engage voters in key states – because beating Trump at the ballot box is going to come down to the power of women.” Photo by Kristin Fairweather (@KFilm8)

With COVID-19 precautions in place and Women’s March officials urging participants to find a march close to home, women not only marched today but got straight to work mobilizing their efforts in a nationwide text-a-thon. Thousands of volunteers participated in text banks throughout the country, sending over 2.5 million texts today alone. Volunteers reached the most critical voters in the country, engaging the women in the swing states who will determine who is in the White House and who is in control of the Senate.

From the golf cart marches in the Villages in Florida, to rallies in Phoenix, AZ, a paddleboat protest in Bemidji, Minnesota, to the march beginning in Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s college dorm at Cornell, women today again showed up and proved that we are organized, mobilized, and committed to finishing what we started on Day One of Trump’s Presidency. Our goal was to ensure that the millions of women in our base vote, and today we did just that. Through these actions, women all over the country showed what the power of everyday women looks like. In less than one month, the Women’s March was able to: 

  • Get more than 116,000 people pledged to march or participate in other actions today.  

  • Set up more than 438 sister marches to take place across the country in all 50 states. 

  • Sign up more than 5,500 new volunteers in the last 12 weeks.

  • Our organization is 4 times the size it was this time last year, fueled by our electoral and other programmatic efforts. 

  • Bring new women into politics: 70% of new supporters have never marched or engaged in any significant political activism before. 

  • When Women’s March called on its members across the US to honor Justice Ginsburg in their own communities, 7,874 people signed up to host a vigil on courthouse steps across the country in less than 24 hours.