Senator Kyrsten Sinema Voted No on a Minimum Wage Increase

“Earlier this week, when Senator Kyrsten Sinema voted no on a minimum wage increase, she told Arizona women exactly what our lives and work are worth: just $11 an hour.It’s unacceptable that our state’s senior senator would ever deny a pay raise to millions of workers— but it’s even more egregious during a pandemic that has cost millions of women their jobs and their livelihoods.  

This decision most directly harms women of color, who make up a quarter of minimum wage workers. This is the very same coalition that mobilized to elect Sen. Sinema and deliver the White House and Senate Majority for President Biden. Sen. Sinema should be ashamed of standing in the way of one of President Biden’s signature campaign promises instead of standing with working women. Because of her, 800,000 Arizonans are worse off. 

We thank Sen. Mark Kelly for bravely standing with working women in the fight for a living wage.”