WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Supreme Court announced that it has decided to overturn the landmark reproductive rights case, Roe v. Wade, on a 6-3 vote. Women’s March Executive Director Rachel O’Leary Carmona issued the following statement in response: 

It’s no surprise that this illegitimate, far-right Supreme Court wants to take away our constitutionally protected rights. Instead of waiting around for a Court that abdicated its duties to protect the Constitution long ago, Democrats should have mobilized and fought for us. 

“But they failed. Now, like always, the burden falls to women to lead this fight. And we will be ungovernable, unmanageable, and unrelenting until this government starts working for us. We will fight back like we always have. And we will win. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.” 

Women’s March issued the following statement in response: 

“The day that we have warned about for the last five years has arrived. Roe and Casey are dead.

“We are angry. And we are devastated. 

“We are angry because we knew this was going to happen. For years, women in this country have been warning about the end of abortion – and were told we were being hysterical. We have warned of it every day since Trump was elected to office almost 6 years ago. But we were gaslit. Roe will never be overturned, so we should stop being so dramatic, they said. They said this was settled precedent, and that all we were doing was fear-mongering.

“We are angry because those charged with serving our interests have just sat there and watched it happen. Congress has had almost 6 years to do what’s right and codify a woman’s right to choose. It hasn’t. The Senate could have voted to abolish the filibuster and pass the Women’s Health Protection Act. They didn’t. Instead, they failed to do their jobs, and in turn, they failed us. All while fundraising off of women losing their rights and campaigning for pro-life candidates in the House. It’s despicable. 

“We are so angry. But we are also devastated.

“We are devastated for the 36 million women that no longer feel safety and autonomy over their bodies. For the women who will be refused life-saving care, all because men that can’t even spell the word anatomy thought they knew what was best for a woman’s health and safety. And we’re devastated for working class Black and brown women, who already have the highest rates of maternal mortality in the developed world, for whom this law is an all-out assault on their health and safety.

“Make no mistake, women are going to die. This is a nightmare come to life, one with deadly consequences for women. But we will not stop fighting until justice protects us from attacks on our bodies. And until every woman in every state has the right to an abortion.

“Our summer of rage has just begun. We’ll see you in the streets.”