Women’s March Calls for Cuomo’s Impeachment

Last week, we called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse of power. Since then, allegations against the Governor have doubled, and disturbing reports of assault have arisen. And still, the Governor refuses to resign—instead putting his own ego above the safety of women who work for him and the stability of New York in this time of crisis. 

His crimes must be fully investigated—not just by the Attorney General’s Independent Counsel, or the State Assembly’s Judiciary Committee, but also by the Albany Police Department. The

public has a right to know the full extent of his wrongdoing, and that will take time. But the harm done to women every day Governor Cuomo remains in office is immediate. If the Governor won’t resign, he must be impeached and removed from office. 

Governor Cuomo has proven himself to be a serial predator who abuses his power—and abuses the women who work for him. It’s time for Democrats in New York and around the country to stand up for women. And it’s long past time for Cuomo to stand down.