Today, our country got one step closer to making history when Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who would be the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court, was finally voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. In response, Women’s March Executive Director Rachel O’Leary Carmona released the following statement:

“Ketanji Brown Jackson is, by many measures, the most qualified Supreme Court nominee we’ve seen in decades. By every measure, she’s at minimum eminently qualified. The fact that she would also make history—as the first Black woman and first public defender to serve on the Court—is an added bonus. And the fact that Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee tried to stonewall her confirmation is a reflection of sickening levels of institutional dysfunction: among the GOP, in the Senate, and on the Supreme Court.

“We don’t expect many Republicans to change course once Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation comes to the entire Senate for a vote. Fortunately, we are confident that she will get confirmed and take her rightful seat on the Court anyway. So today, we’re celebrating Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson—and celebrating for our country. With her one step closer to serving America, all of us are one step closer to a more just, more fair, more thoughtful America.”

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