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Amarillo, TX – Today, Women’s March Executive Director Rachel O’Leary Carmona released the following statement in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: 

“Let’s be clear: Russia is wrong. Invading Ukraine, a sovereign country, is wrong. Starting a senseless war is wrong. Amidst so many other global problems, the last thing we need is the very thing we’re now witnessing: an instigation and escalation of violence with no end in sight.

“Women’s March is firmly opposed to Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. And we are in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, especially the country’s women and girls. Because when men decide to go to war, it’s women who pay the price: They’re more likely to be displaced, less likely to be in school, and at increased risk of sexual assault, torture, and mutilation. 

“We are also in solidarity with the everyday Russian women and people putting themselves at risk to protest this war. 

“Now, the United States must stand up and do our part to help every person who is impacted. That means sanctioning Russia for these actions. It means accepting Ukrainian refugees who seek asylum. And it means calling on corporations here at home, especially oil and gas companies, to refrain from price gouging and exploiting this crisis for their own financial gain. 

“Women’s rights are human rights. Women’s March will not sit idly while Russia tramples on those rights and gets this so wrong, and lives are lost in the process.”