Women’s March Statement Calling for the Impeachment and Removal of President Donald Trump

Yesterday, the President committed treason. In no uncertain terms, he incited an armed attack on the Capitol and tried to overthrow our system of government. If there aren’t consequences for that, then we’re not a constitutional democracy -- we’re a failed state. 

We can’t just move on or look forward. We can’t afford to wait out the rest of his term.

Not being willing to deal with Trump’s abuse of power and explicit white nationalism is exactly what got us here.

This historic crime needs to be met with historic consequences. Donald Trump must be impeached and removed from office immediately, and his enablers in Congress who cheered on this insurrection should be expelled. 

Women have been warning about this since day one, and we weren’t alone. Black communities, Muslim communities, Jewish communities, immigrant communities, and LGBTQ communities– all have been sounding the alarm from the very beginning that Trump’s words and actions would lead to bloodshed. But it took their own lives being put in danger for many Members of Congress to finally take the threat seriously. 


At Women’s March, we have spent Trump’s four years in office fighting to preserve democracy. We’ve been fighting since day one, and we’ll keep fighting until day 1,461, when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn into office.  

But first, Members of Congress will have a choice to make. After what Trump has done, it will be a stain on all of us if they allow him to serve out his term.