Women’s March Statement: Count Every Vote

New York, NY - In response to Trump’s efforts to undermine our elections and the will of the voters, Women’s March released the following statement:

“Candidates do not decide the winners of elections, the voters do. Elections aren't over until we #CountEveryVote. While the votes are tallied, we urge determination, patience, and persistence.

“As we wait, one truth is abundantly clear: women are the most powerful voting bloc, and we are committed to a progressive agenda that lifts everyone. 

“Our collective strength has been building for years. On the first day of Trump’s presidency, millions of women took to the streets across this country. Together, we marched, putting our bodies on the line to say that we would not let our democracy be undermined; that this country would always belong to us, the people. Together we ushered in a new era of American politics. 

“Women spent the last four years marching, training, and organizing. We all came together, and worked hard, day after day, pushing through every challenge that was thrown our way. We built a movement that’s power is just getting started.

“Four years ago, on the morning after Election Day in 2016, we had every reason to feel hopeless and defeated. Yesterday, we chose to dig in and fight harder than we had ever fought before. We held hope that we could come together and create a better future. 

“That future is feminist. Let’s usher it in together.”