Women’s March Texts 5.6 Million Women Voters in Crucial Swing States

Washington, DC -- With election day just two weeks away, and millions of people already voting around the country, Women’s March spent the weekend sending an unmistakable message that women will be the deciding force in who controls the White House and the Senate after the 2020 election. Women’s March hosted more than 438 marches across all 50 states, including a march in Washington, D.C. with more than 10,000 people in attendance. Building on that momentum and energy, Women’s March culminated the weekend with a nationwide text-a-thon, sending out 5.6 million texts directly to women voters in key swing states across the country, encouraging them to vote.

At the March in D.C., the text-a-thon took place on the National Mall, with the Capitol and White House in full view. Equally powerful, thousands of volunteers also participated in the text-a-thon from their own homes, and at the hundreds of local Sister Marches in key states across the country.

From the golf cart marches in the Villages in Florida, to rallies in Phoenix, AZ, a paddleboat protest in Bemidji, Minnesota, to the march beginning in Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s college dorm at Cornell, women again showed up this weekend flexing our organizational muscle.

“On Day One of Trump’s presidency, women sent a shockwave around the world when we turned out in full force, with millions of people flooding the streets of cities around the world,” said Executive Director Rachel O’Leary Carmona. “In 2017, we stood up and put our bodies on the line to say we would protect our democracy, and this weekend, we stood up and put our bodies on the line to say that we will save it come November 3rd.”

Many of the women who showed up at the first march 2017 had never protested before, and we have not stopped our activism since. With millions of women being texted directly by our volunteers, we know the base is activated, and women are ready to vote. In two weeks, the world will see the unstoppable power of women at the polls, voting like our futures depend on it.

By the Numbers: 

  • Our goal: to ensure that the 1.25 million women on our list vote -- and triple their vote by bringing 3 friends.

  • 70% of those who join Women’s March have never marched or engaged in any significant political activism before. 

  • We have 322 Women2Women Organizing Circles across the country, serving as local hubs for volunteers.

  • Women’s March volunteers are also being trained on how to debunk myths on the internet, combat the spread of hate, and engage on social media to support progressive values -- with 560 Digital Defenders trained so far, including 122 participants representing faith communities across the country.