Women2Women Working Agreements

Our Working Agreements help us establish and maintain group norms and guide how we agree to be with each other in this work, individually and collectively. We expect all leaders at Women's March, staff and volunteers, to uphold them as part of our feminist practice.


We are committed to creating brave space, not what is often called safe space.


We take care of ourselves and each other. We do what we need to stay present, grounded, and focused—and extend that support and care for the whole group.


We are self-reflective and rigorous. We commit to ongoing reflection, curiosity, and work. 


Some of us have a degree in the school called life, and some of us have academic degrees. We aim to share information and create a space where it doesn’t matter which you have–or if you have both!


We practice understanding how our lives and issues are connected. We work to ensure everyone is and feels welcome in our space, regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, age, class, status, and ability. We oppose discrimination and bigotry of any kind.


We pay attention to how we use our voice and space so everyone can have a voice.


We honor different learning styles and experiences. This is not a classroom; there are no prizes for being “first” or “best.”


We commit to moving ideas and principles into action. We are practitioners, not perfectionists.