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The power of women is undeniable. Our communities are closest to the problem and are also closest to the solution. Women’s March is able to organize and mobilize millions of everyday women because Women’s March is built, funded, and led by everyday women.

The accessibility of mifepristone, a safe and effective abortion medication, is now in the hands of the Supreme Court. It's time for action.

Join Us in DC on March 26th

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In 2023, together, we fought for what matters to women and our communities.

our history

January 2017
Women's March on Washington
October 2017
Women's Convention / Detroit
March 2018
Youth Empower Enough National School Walkout
June 2018
End Family Detention Mass Action
September 2018
January 2019
Women's March on Washington / Women's Wave / Women's Agenda
October 2019
Digital Defenders
October 2019
Reclaim the Court
January 2020
Women’s March on Washington Women Rising + Week of Action
August 2020
Feminist Organizing School
Fall + Winter 2020
Get Out the Vote
September 2020
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Vigils
October 2020
Count On Us March + Mass Text Bank
February 2021
Defund Cruz
May 2021
Wellness Wednesday IGTV
June 2021
United Visions Project
October 2021
Rally for Abortion Justice
December 2021
Holding the Line for Abortion Justice
Jan 21, 2022
Women's March is Five!
May 2022
Bans Off Our Bodies
June 2022
Decision Day Rallies
June 2022
Banner Drop: Biden Protect Abortion
July 2022
Ungovernable: Rage at the White House
August 2022
The Women's Convention
October 8, 2022
Women's Wave 2022 Women's March
January 2023
Bigger Than Roe — Women's March 2023
February 2023
Bigger Than Roe — Amarillo Texas
March 2023
Bigger Than Roe – Back to Amarillo Texas
June 24, 2023
Dobbs Anniversary March — D.C. & Nationwide
Summer 2023
Loud Girl Summer 2023
Oct 20-22, 2023
Women's Convention — Milwaukee WI
January 2024
Bigger Than Roe Marches
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