Shawna Knipper


Shawna Knipper entered into organizing, facilitating, and educating around substance use/abuse awareness, disability advocacy, and women's rights over 20 years ago. Her deeply personal journey has taken her into political and social justice arenas, lobbying for meaningful structural change in governance as well as the minds and hearts of communities.

Shawna is a DEI professional who has provided education to diverse groups of youth entering the medical field, coordinated and developed JEDI education and planning of structural change for large networks, and co-facilitated environmental justice groups in base building and striving for more profound views on equity and justice. Her electoral experience ranges from leading field campaigns for United States Representative seats to leading a virtual field program that contacted over 5 million women in one weekend. She led 20 million women in a single electoral season to register and move other women to the polls, creating a surge of women voters.